Georges Csato

                                       GEORGES CSATO 1910 - 1983

Welcome to the Csato website. Its primary purpose is to share with you, the viewer, the life and esteemed work of the Hungarian artist Georges Csato.

He married my Aunt Diana Nadin in 1950, and they made their home in the Villa des Arts - Paris  where she remained until her death in 1996. I was then so fortunate to inherit the contents of the Atelier.

The purpose of my selection of some of this inherited work, is to give you an insight into the diversity of his unique talent, and of course the ability to be able to purchase any of them, via this website.

I cannot express properly the privilege it was to have known both Georges and Diana, they shared boundless intelligence, unbelievable compassion, and a total lack of hypocrisy. Their Atelier was always a beautifully alive and vibrant place to be a guest in, filled with groups of thought-provoking writers, musicians, 'avant garde' painters, and 'new' scientists. Each and everyone of us, who came there to share our joys and woes, instinctively knew Georges and Diana were the glue which held us all together. They were a life enhancing couple, and are mourned by many friends worldwide, but his artworks shall remain as 'testament' to a fabulous talent.

Jennifer Nadin